Veeam Backup & Replication Nothing to process warning

In this brief article I’ll show some potential fix for warning “Nothing to process” that might happen when you’re trying to backup physical or virtual server.

Step to reproduce

When you have configure backup job and start this job you get “Nothing to process” warning:

Backup job stop immediate as result.


I have some server that have installed Veeam agent already:

But when I start rescan of manually added servers in “Inventory” tab I’ve found that this server cannot be processed correctly:

I always get “Details: Failed to acquire agent managed by VBR server.” warning:

Manually added server not displaying on “Manually added” list as result and cannot be backed up correctly.


On problem server previously was installed Veeam B&R agent for 9.5 version. Now I use 11 version of Veeam B&R. Agent was updated. But my guess is that some sort of configuration leave from old Veeam agent in OS.

I’ve found knowled base article that state that you can re-create the configuration database for Veeam Agent.

I just do follow things:

1. Remove all components of Veeam B&R agent.

2. Delete HKLM\SOFTWARE\Veeam registry location:

3. Reinstall Veeam B&R agent.

4. Perform rescan of manually added servers in “Inventory” tab.

Server was discovered correctly and backup performs correctly now.

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